Blue Clarity awarded NASA Open Innovation Services 2 On-Ramping (NOIS2)

April 26, 2022

We are thrilled to announce Blue Clarity is one of 13 awardees on the "NASA Open Innovation Services 2 On-Ramping (NOIS2)" contract which will allow us to leverage our crowdsourcing competition, innovation mainstreaming and hackathon experience. This award marks a significant milestone as a company as it is our our first Full and Open contract.  Our co-innovation, hackathon and crowdsource competition services have grown steadily and gained widespread recognition for fostering innovation and technology products within the commercial and government markets. Blue Clarity is proud to be a part of NASA's innovation initiative developing new technology for space exploration!

NASA is seeking to solicit crowdsource technology solutions via:

Crowdsource Challenges and Prize Competitions focused on a problem-statement approach and crowdsourcing

Crowdsource Freelance Projects with individuals, teams, and/or talent pools (members of the crowd/community) best equipped to work on and deliver solutions and/or stimulate innovation

Crowdsource Micro-Task Projects distributed, over the internet and throughout the tech community

Other Crowdsource Methods which will provide solutions or stimulate innovation

NASA's award reinforces Blue Clarity's commitment to excellence in our innovation mainstreaming, design-thinking and problem curation services. We as a company will continue to push boundaries, set higher expectations and "shoot for the stars" when it comes to building customer relationships.

For more information please contact us at info@blueclarity.io